Spooky Thrills: Unveiling the Best Dutch Theme Parks to Celebrate Halloween

Published on 5 October 2023 at 11:07

Halloween: a season where crisp air beckons and the fluttering leaves whisper tales of the supernatural. I'm Jolanda, your guide from the Dutch Themepark Network, ready to embark on a journey where thrills meet spills and chills. The allure of Halloween transcends through various theme parks and zoos across The Netherlands, each offering a unique spin on this ghostly holiday. Let's decrypt the mysteries behind each park and unearth the best places to witness spooktacular events this Halloween season!


🎃 Toverland: A Magical & Terrifying Retreat

Toverland, our top pick, spins a web of fun and fright, catering to both young and mature audiences. By day, it's a pumpkin paradise with immersive shows and experiences. As the clock strikes 6 pm, Toverland mutates into a domain dominated by 150 scare actors, enshrouding visitors in fear through 5 scare zones and 6 haunted houses.

A standout (we think) new haunted house, “Now You’re Mine”, weaves a tale of Mijndert Muller, lost in pursuit of the Magnum Opus within the mines of Noord-Limburg. Visitors explore this eerie museum, guided by interactive hard hat lights. We can't wait to experience this house for the first time this year. Remember to grab your Fear Pass, with an all-inclusive option for €49.50 ensuring no lines and unlimited terror, and don't forget the magic wand, your shield against scare actors for just €5.45 if you're feeling less heroic!


🤡 Walibi: Where Eddie the Clown Reigns Supreme

Eddie the Clown, the anarchic spirit of Halloween, has captivated Walibi for years. This park, with its Halloween fright nights, is often booked to the brink. Among its newest attractions, "Urban Explhorror" takes you through a decaying theme park, while "The Final Slay Ride" turns the joyful North Pole into a demonic terrain. Expect to pay €28 for a pass, or €48 for a fast-pass experience, and enjoy a scream-filled feast!


🤠 Slagharen: A Dark Western Adventure Awaits

Embarking on their first Halloween, Slagharen has announced the "Scary Prairie" from 7th to 29th October. Transitioning from a family event to "western nightmares" at 18.06.06 hours, the park teases dark encounters in a nocturnal Wild West.


👹 Hellendoorn: Choose Your Scare

Hellendoorn, with its "Face Your Fears" event, boasts 5 haunted houses and six walk-throughs. With the infamous Death Lab and Zombie Attack receiving updates this year, a €39.95 all-in pass (excluding entrance fee) or individual house passes from €4-6 will be your ticket to confronting your nightmares.


👻 Julianatoren: A Gentle Spooky Treat

Tailored for young spirits, Julianatoren curates a non-threatening Halloween with mascots, light-hearted shows, and events. Simply pay the entrance fee, and you're welcomed into a world where spooks are friendly and witches are kind.


🦜 Dierenrijk: Boo in the Zoo

In its second year, Dierenrijk's "Boo in the Zoo" offers a family-oriented experience with scavenger hunts, a spooky tunnel, and crafts activities, and a symbolic cemetery for extinct animals. An additional €7.50 grants you a craft activities voucher, offering educational frights for all.


🦈 Sea Life: Mysterious Watery Horrors

Embarking on their Halloween voyage with "The Dark," Sea Life remains a mystery with undisclosed spooks, hiring scare actors to concoct a yet-to-be-revealed eerie underwater world.


Which spectral adventure beckons you this year? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments to aid fellow Halloween enthusiasts in choosing their frightful journey this October.


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