Is Caro worth your time and money?

The Efteling Theater is the home of the show 'CARO'. Caro is a 70-minute show with dance and acrobatics, depicting the circle of life, requiring an additional ticket. 

The show is a language independent musical spectacle suitable for the entire family with dance, acrobatics and depicts a beautiful story about the circle of life. 'CARO' stands out not just in format but also in content. Unlike traditional musicals, it is more akin to a variety act, featuring minimal spoken text, making it accessible to an international audience. The show dazzles with acrobatics, dance, and special effects, all accompanied by a blend of Efteling music and popular songs. The audience is seated around a large, central rotating platform, reminiscent of a steam carousel, adding a unique and immersive element to the experience. Special effects like fire from the floor and a water curtain further enhance the spectacle.

The Universal Story of Oscar

Before the show starts, audiences are entertained by a clown performing amusing antics, dressed in a costume inspired by the pig rider of the Stoomcarrousel, complete with a small piglet.  The show begins with the transformation of the clown and piglet into Mr. and Mrs. Time, who guide the audience through Oscar's life. Key musical moments include the Beatles' "All You Need is Love", Adele's "When We Were Young", and R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly", interspersed with Efteling's own music and other pop songs. The performance features imaginative scenes, including a Zeppelin journey, acrobatic acts, and heartwarming family moments.


The narrative follows the standard life story of a character named Oscar, encompassing universal themes of youth, love, marriage, parenthood, loss, and grandparenthood. This approach makes the story relatable to a diverse array of international spectators.

A spectacle well worth your money and time

Caro is absolutely worth your time and money. It isn't the best show you will ever see but it also isn't the most expensive show. For the price you pay it is an  heartfelt experience full with fun melodies and Efteling moments. It will touch your heart an keep you entertained for 70 minutes. You don't have to combine a visit to Caro with a visit to the park. When you can go to Caro! We visited  five times now and we will definitely visit again.

Performance Schedule and Pricing

Shows are scheduled at least three times a week - on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with additional performances during school holidays and festive seasons. Tickets are priced at €26.50. Efteling stay guests can add a visit for just €12.50 and Efteling-Abonnement holders receive a 25% discount. You can buy your tickets through the Efteling website:


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