Walibi Holland Unveils "Urban Explhorror": A Spine-Chilling Warehouse of Forgotten Theme Park Relics

Published on 5 October 2023 at 11:24

Walibi Holland is set to captivate and terrify thrill-seekers this coming weekend with the opening of a brand-new haunted house: "Urban Explhorror". Attendees of the Halloween Fright Nights are in for an eerie adventure as they morph into urban explorers, venturing into an eerily dark warehouse packed with relics from the amusement park’s rich history.

A Daring Exploration into the Shadows

The premise invites guests to navigate an ominous storage facility, located behind the wild water ride El Rio Grande, filled with old theme park items. Walibi has delved into its historical vault, garnishing the haunted house with various props from its storied past – expect to encounter an old map, former staff uniforms, and original rollercoaster carts, igniting a wave of nostalgia amidst the terror.

A Twisted Tour Through Decades Past

Armed only with flashlights, which are intriguingly not guaranteed to work flawlessly, visitors will navigate through the darkness, potentially being led astray by the manipulated lighting, thanks to a collaboration with the Dutch company Haunted Lantern, known for their expertise in programmable, portable lamps.

"Urban Explhorror" is not merely a passive, observational experience. With 18 actors playing 14 distinct roles, explorers will encounter both victims and monsters on their journey, enhancing the horror and unpredictability of their experience. A scare actor may lurk in a cold room, while "bushmen" may be hidden, ready to pounce.

Pulse-Racing Peaks and Plant Perils

One of the haunted house's highlights is a section referred to as the "Plantenmaze". Here, explorers are free to roam while being pursued by a monster. The climax builds to a suffocating encounter with a giant carnivorous plant, known as "Populus Prehenderat".

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Horror Experience

Interestingly, "Urban Explhorror" will serve as a unique, one-time-only experience. The building is set to be demolished next year to make way for a new themed area, explaining why Walibi opted not to invest heavily in the decors. The sets have been crafted by Walibi staff, with decor elements primarily sourced from their own archives.

Online tickets are priced at 17.50 euros per person. The entrance queue for "Urban Explhorror" is located on the path between the family area Speed Zone Off Road and rollercoaster Goliath, behind the Condor. Along the walking route, scare actors might give passersby a pre-entrance fright, as this year’s 'secret' scare zone, "Bushmen Trail", is situated there.

In a seamless blend of history, horror, and immersive theatrics, Walibi Holland presents a Halloween experience that aims to leave a lasting impression on its visitors. So, will you dare to step into a warehouse where the remnants of joyful theme park past meet a chillingly uncertain horror-filled future? Get your tickets, if you dare, and step into the "Urban Explhorror"!

Note: Please ensure to check Walibi Holland's official site for accurate and updated information regarding events, ticket purchases, and health and safety guidelines.

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