Slagharen Amusement Park Unveils Peek into New Haunted House: The Manor

Published on 5 October 2023 at 11:44

As the first edition of the Halloween event Western Nightmares approaches, Attractiepark Slagharen teases a glimpse into its new haunted house, The Manor, set to open its eerie doors in just a week. The Manor promises to be one of the highlight experiences of the event.

Designed by the Dutch Leisure Expert Group, The Manor is dubbed as the "home of the lost bandits" and weaves a haunting tale that dates back to a farmhouse from many years ago, where a tragedy befell and an entire family vanished without a trace. When visitors step inside The Manor, they are transported back to the year 1850, and are left with the chilling question: Is the family truly gone?

A short promotional video reveals snippets of the spooky decors, showcasing various rooms such as a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a barn. However, actors playing the ghostly inhabitants of the house have been kept under wraps, further shrouding the experience in mystery.

Tickets on Sale for Halloween 2023 at Slagharen: Haunted House Admission at 5 Euros Per Person

Western Nightmares is scheduled to take place on eight evenings between October 7th and 28th, from 18:06 to 22:00 hours. Separate tickets are needed for access to the haunted houses and walkthroughs. Entry to The Manor is priced at 5 euros per person. During daytime, the haunted house will also welcome children, with tickets available at a discounted price of 2 euros.

The park and its newest attraction, The Manor, anticipate providing guests with thrills and chills, delivering an immersive haunted experience amidst the thematic backdrop of the 1850s. Participants are sure to find themselves enveloped in the spectral tales of the lost bandit family as they navigate through the eerily detailed settings of the house.

The Manor and Western Nightmares present not just an exciting but a chillingly unique experience for thrill-seekers and families alike this Halloween. Ensure to grab your tickets and brace yourselves for a ghostly encounter at Attractiepark Slagharen.

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