10 rookie mistakes to avoid when visiting Efteling

Published on 11 June 2023 at 10:47

Making the most of your visit to Efteling can be easy if you follow these helpful tips. As frequent visitors to the park, the Dutch Themepark Network has learned from their mistakes and is here to assist you in making your trip to Efteling foolproof. Let's dive right into the first tip:

1. Purchase your tickets in advance

Avoid buying your tickets at the gate of Efteling. Instead, conveniently purchase them ahead of time through the Efteling website or app. Don't forget to also buy your parking ticket if needed. By doing this, you can skip the crowd waiting to enter the park and make the most of your time.

If, for some reason, you need to buy a ticket at the gate, use the machines rather than standing in line at guest services. The machines are quicker, with shorter lines, allowing you to enjoy the park for a longer duration.


2. Check park hours and crowds

While purchasing your tickets online, take note of the expected crowds and park opening hours. However, keep in mind that circumstances can change, especially when booking in advance. On the day of your visit, always double-check the current information. You might discover that Efteling is open longer than initially expected. It would be a shame to miss out on that extra hour because you assumed the park was closing.


3. Dispose of your trash thoughtfully

Though it may sound silly, you'll appreciate not having disposed of your trash hastily when you encounter one of Efteling's interactive bins. These bins make throwing away paper trash a fun experience, and there's more than one type to explore. Don't throw all your trash into the first Holle Bolle Gijs bin you see—each one offers a slightly different experience, so try them all!

Additionally, in the Netherlands, you can get a refund for returning plastic drinking bottles. While you might not want to save up all your bottles and go to a regular supermarket to collect the 10 cents per bottle, you can still donate them. Efteling has special bins where you can donate your bottles, and the 10 cents will go to Villa Pardoes, an organization that does amazing things. We'll provide more information about Villa Pardoes in another video, so be sure to subscribe to our channel if you'd like to learn more.


4. Avoid carrying too much cash

There's no need for cash at Efteling. While you'll likely spend money on delicious food, merchandise, or even a cool souvenir, everything is cashless. You can easily make payments using your card. While a few things may still require coins, you won't need a significant amount. All major credit cards are accepted.

This cashless approach applies to the entire Netherlands, not just Efteling.


5. Don't skip the Fairytale Forest

Even if you primarily visit for the thrill rides, don't miss out on exploring the Fairytale Forest. Take a moment to say hello to characters like Long Neck and Holle Bolle Gijs. While you're there, treat yourself to a stroopwafel—they're amazing. In our next blog and video, we'll take you on a food tour of Efteling, so make sure you don't miss it.


6. Stay until Aquanura

Aquanura is the captivating water fountain show that takes place at the end of the day. It's particularly enchanting when it's dark, but even in daylight, the synchronized music and water create an impressive spectacle. Make sure to stick around and catch the show. You can find the showtimes in the Efteling app, and there are several performances to choose from. Our personal favorite is the First Symphony, but they are all fantastic. Efteling also offers shows in collaboration with DJ Tiësto and Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis.


7. Utilize the Efteling App

Speaking of showtimes, another important tip is to use the Efteling app. The park is extensive and has grown organically, which can sometimes feel confusing. The app is designed to assist you by providing directions, showing nearby attractions, restaurants, and restrooms, and even displaying current waiting times. You can also make restaurant reservations through the app, significantly improving your overall visit.


8. Make restaurant reservations in advance

To avoid disappointment and wasting time waiting in line, it's highly recommended to make reservations for sit-down restaurants like Polles Kitchen and Raveleijn. Efteling has limited seating capacity, and these restaurants tend to fill up quickly. While there's a standby line for those without reservations, it can eat up a significant amount of your day and tire out your feet. It's best to book these restaurants in advance.


9. Don't miss out on Caro

At Efteling, there's an evening show called Caro that requires an additional fee, but it's truly worth it. The music is outstanding, and the show transcends language barriers. It's akin to a Cirque du Soleil performance, although it's important not to set your expectations too high. The ticket prices range between 10 and 20 euros, depending on your accommodation, so don't expect the same scale as a 120 euro ticket show. Nonetheless, Caro tells a beautiful story with talented actors, and you'll easily understand and appreciate it. You'll recognize elements unique to Efteling, and we're confident you'll love it.


10. Avoid carrying your merchandise all day or waiting until the end

The shops can get busy towards the end of the day, leading to a chaotic rush when you decide to buy your souvenirs. Keep in mind that not all merchandise is available at every store, so if you find something you love, don't hesitate to purchase it. You can request to have your items delivered to your hotel or the exit, free of charge. Simply ask for a receipt, and you can easily pick up your souvenirs at the end of the day.


While we've narrowed it down to these ten tips, there's so much more we can share. If you'd like to receive all the latest news and tips directly in your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. We're also curious to know what surprised you the most at Efteling, so please leave a comment and help us out by liking this video. Until next time!

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