Efteling News May - Update Anton Pieck Square, New Restaurant

Published on 1 May 2023 at 12:56

May 2023 has brought a wave of exciting news and developments from Efteling the enchanting theme park located in the Netherlands. From maintenance to new food and new experiences, let's dive into the highlights of what's been happening at Efteling this month.

Update of the Anton Pieck Square

A lot of small things make a big change on the square located between Dreamflight and Vogelrock. The Carousel has new custom, special made music for Efteling which sounds really good. Rene Merkelbach wrote an original score. Rene also wrote music for the show Caro, the flying Dutchman and much more. The puppet theater reopens after 20 years. With a show especially for children the small theater is revamped and looks great yet again.


There is a new exposition at the museum, all about the first designer Anton Pieck. Anton Pieck created the style that still inspires Efteling today. In the museum you can find original artwork, films and information about his life and the work he did for Efteling.


Last but not least the bike carousel is back. This carrousel lived in the Efteling years ago and this spring and summer it is back on the square.


New food in Efteling: restaurant Kasba

There is also new food in the restaurant next to Vogelrok. The restaurant got a big update and now fits the land of Sinbad with Vogelrok and Sirocco. By the way the food is amazing here, a must do when you visit.


New merchandise

You can now buy the seeds to plant your own fairytale forrest in the form of postcards and invitations and the Efteling released a vinyl album.


The Efteling has a lot of planned maintenance coming up

Keep updated through the website: https: /www.efteling.com/en/park/information/in-maintenance On the website you can also find the opening hours and the crowd calendar: https://www.efteling.com/en/park/opening-hours

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