Efteling News July - Fire at Raveleijn, new dining option and digital merchandise

Published on 1 July 2023 at 13:01

Welcome to our Efteling news update for July! We have some interesting updates and happenings to share with you from this enchanting theme park. Let's dive right in!


Twice the Fire at Raveleijn: Last month, Raveleijn faced an unexpected challenge with not one, but two fires. The first fire occurred on May 30th when one of the facades caught fire during a show. Fortunately, the theater was quickly evacuated, and the fire was extinguished without causing significant damage. The show was even performed again on the same day.

However, on June 11th, a second fire broke out, this time affecting the gate, which is a central element of the show. Thanks to the quick response and water effects being turned on, the fire was contained, and one of the actors even helped extinguish it. The show had to be canceled for a few days but has since returned with some changes. 


Shared Dining at Bosrijk: If you're looking for a unique dining experience, head to Eethuys, the restaurant located in Bosrijk. They have introduced a new menu, and one of the highlights is the shared starter option. You and your party can order this special dish together, allowing you to enjoy a variety of small portions. We had the chance to try it ourselves, and amidst the beautiful natural surroundings and a pleasant summer evening, it was a delightful experience. 


New Themed Buses: Efteling has collaborated with the local bus company to create four themed buses inspired by George and the Dragon and the fairytale forest. While the exteriors of the buses showcase the themes, it's worth noting that the interiors do not have any specific theming. These buses depart from the central bus stations in Den Bosch and Tilburg, providing convenient transportation to and from Efteling. 


Digital Spookslot Launched: Efteling has launched a digital version of the beloved attraction, Spookslot. Now, you can experience the thrills and chills of this haunted house right from the comfort of your own home. 


New Merchandise Lines: Efteling continues to expand its merchandise offerings with two new lines. The first line features a range of plates, cups, and other items designed by Blond. Additionally, there is a line of Nest-themed souvenirs created for children, encouraging imaginative play as they pretend to be knights. While these may not be our personal favorites, they might appeal to those who love Blond's colorful designs or have playful children. 


Max & Moritz Challenges in Warm Weather: As the summer heat sets in, Max and Moritz, the popular roller coaster, faces some challenges. Similar to last year, the attraction experiences issues with the brakes when temperatures rise. To address this, only half of the seats are loaded to prevent the train from stopping too late. Keep in mind that on hot days, wait times may be longer due to this precautionary measure. Let's hope Efteling finds a solution to ensure a smooth experience for all visitors.


Exciting Food and Openings: There are several exciting food-related updates at Efteling. In De Swarte Kat, a restaurant located in the park, new dishes and dining experiences are being introduced. Look out for loaded fries at Smulpaap and the reopening of the popular poffertje stand. Indulge in these delicious treats during your visit.


Major Maintenance for Sleeping Beauty's Castle: Lastly, a major maintenance project is underway for Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Efteling is dedicated to keeping this iconic landmark in top condition, ensuring that it remains a captivating sight for all visitors.


That's it for our July news update from Efteling! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and happenings from this magical theme park.

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