Efteling news October - Problems at Efteling Grand Hotel, Sneak Peak inside Danse Macabre and a new Raveleijn show?

Published on 1 October 2023 at 11:38

Unfortunate Events and the Awaited Revival of Raveleijn

Despite a series of unfortunate events, including fires, malfunctions, and accidents—the most recent one involving Knight Thomas falling off his horse—Raveleijn persists. The series of mishaps fuel speculation that its renovation, initially planned for 2026, might be expedited.

Exciting New Merchandise: Books and Miniatures

  • The third Raveleijn book, "Blood of the Last Dragon" by acclaimed children’s author Paul van Loon, is set to enthrall fans, immersing them into a tale of a virus and a critical search for a vaccine—dragon’s blood. Priced at €19.99, it's available in Dutch in souvenir shops.
  • Luville miniatures, delighting collectors, are available with 17 new pieces, notably featuring the Kindervreugd playground, providing an enchanting, tangible memory of the park.

Stream Music from the Magical Realm of Efteling

The Vermolen carousel’s new music, which has been enchanting visitors since April, is now available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music from September 1st, allowing fans to take a piece of the Efteling magic wherever they go.

Enchanting Shows and Character Encounters this Winter

  • Pinokkio is set to charm visitors with a daily show during Winter Efteling, with the park currently seeking actors to portray Fairy Fay and Pinokkio. This initiative is a nod to Efteling's commitment to developing its own Intellectual Property.

Updates on Maintenance, New Paths, and a Restored Castle

  • Essential maintenance is underway across the park with various attractions such as Gondeletta, Vogel Rok, Fabula, Villa Volta, Fata Morgana, and the roller coaster Joris en de Draak undergoing necessary work and improvements. Detailed schedules are available on Efteling’s official website.
  • A new path is being added in Sprookjesbos, and restoration work on Doornroosje (Sleeping Beauty’s castle) is in progress, with completion expected in November.

Exploring New Annual Pass Options

Efteling is exploring a range of new annual pass options, having circulated a questionnaire to current passholders. With over twenty proposed new pass variants, offering perks from unrestricted access to varying levels of discounts, the park seems to be strategizing to disperse visitor attendance more evenly throughout the year.

Danse Macabre and Zandkasteel Updates

  • Work on Danse Macabre is progressing with the initial parts of the ride system being put in place.
  • Zandkasteel in Bosrijk is also undergoing refurbishment, ensuring it remains a magical part of the Efteling experience.

Themed Suites for an Immersive Stay

The Efteling Hotel teases a new "Dream Flight" suite, set to be available from December. It's presumed to replace the Hans Christian Andersen suite, offering a fresh and enchanting overnight experience for park visitors.



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