Efteling News Update: May 2024 | Major Changes and Exciting Announcements!

Published on 16 May 2024 at 19:48

Welcome to your essential Efteling theme park update for May 2024! This month's news is packed with exciting changes and new developments. Dive into all the latest updates including major maintenance projects, new attractions, and exclusive merchandise updates. Don't miss out on any of the action right here!


🚂 Main Highlights: Eco-Friendly Shift: The beloved steam train transitions to electric this winter, aligning with Efteling's green initiatives. Maintenance Updates: Comprehensive updates on ongoing and completed projects. Joris en de Draak is now reopened with improved pathways for easier access. Other attractions like Lavelaar are currently under phased refurbishment.


🎢 New and Rumored Attractions: Annual pass Tiers: Starting June 10, choose from Classic, Plus, or Premium membership plans. Launch Coaster Speculation: Exciting rumors about a new launch coaster planned for Efteling's 75th anniversary in 2027! Danse Macabre & More: Get a sneak peek at the new Danse Macabre attraction, including street performances and exclusive merchandise.


🛍️ Merchandise and Special Offers: New Merchandise: Check out our latest Efteling-themed shirts and sweaters for all ages. Plus, don't miss the newly released pin set celebrating 25 years of the Inn the Ersteling in the Fairytale Forest. Winning Opportunities: Participate in our exciting contests and stand a chance to win exclusive Efteling goodies!


🏗️ Construction and Critical Updates: Grand Hotel Progress: Witness the rapid construction progress at the Grand Hotel, with new levels being added every three weeks. Potential Fines: Efteling might face significant penalties—details on what this means for the park.


🍴 Food & More: Loaded Fries: Try the new loaded fries at Smulpaap, a must-have during your visit! Online Buzz: Catch up on the viral moments from Efteling, including the recent water leakage incident and behind-the-scenes footage from the Vogelrok ride.


📅 Special Events: "Te Land, ter Zee en in de Lucht" filming takes place at the end of May. Don't miss this special event! Stay tuned and subscribe for more updates from Efteling Park as we continue to bring you the latest news and excitement directly from your favorite theme park!

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