4 New Attractions in Toverland open the 1st of July

Published on 24 May 2023 at 13:08

On the first of July, Toverland, a theme park located in the south of the Netherlands, is opening four new rides. The Merlin-themed area, which already has three attractions, is being expanded. In addition to the roller coaster Fenix, the dark ride Merlin's Quest, and a small obstacle course for children named Arthur's Tournament, Avalon will become even more magical, as described by the theme park itself!


The rides they are adding are more family-friendly and will keep the younger children entertained, while the daredevils can ride Fenix. It's good to see that Toverland also has an eye for the younger visitors. The park has added some awesome thrills in recent years. These expansions will ensure that the whole family can have a great day in the park.


The rides Toverland is adding are:

1. Pixarus Flight School of Magic

In the middle of the exciting helix (the tilted bend) of FÄ“nix you go on a flying adventure. In the airplane mill Pixarus you learn as a student of Merlin what it is like to be able to really fly, while the wingcoaster races past you at high speed. How special is that!? You also decide how often you roll over!

2. Dragonwatch Family Droptower

This is the safe nest for all dragons large and small in the area. Spot them from a spectacular height of 17 meters. If you have the time, that is, because Dragonwatch is not just a vantage point! Before you can quietly look around you, you 'drop' into the depths again.

3. Garden Tour Special tour

Wizard Merlin invites you to take a look at his special garden full of magical flowers, plants and scenes. Fun for the whole family, but the kids can also board the Garden Tour independently.

4.Jumping Juna Adventure carousel

Take a seat on the back of the cheerful unicorn Juna and the cheerful dragon Sparky in Jumping Juna! Together they celebrate a cheerful costume party and they are only too happy to take you with them. But beware: there is something special going on with this carousel.


Needless to say, we will provide an impression of the area as soon as it opens. Make sure to follow us or leave your email address so that we can keep you informed.



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