Spookslot's Iconic Violin Returns Digitally at Efteling's Danse Macabre

Published on 10 July 2023 at 16:15

Discover the exciting return of a beloved element from the Spookslot at Efteling. The iconic floating violin has made a comeback in a digital form, captivating visitors at the construction site of the new attraction, Danse Macabre. Learn more about this enchanting addition and its role in the upcoming spooky spectacle.


Efteling, the renowned theme park, has reintroduced an iconic element from its famous Spookslot attraction in a captivating new way. As construction progresses for the highly anticipated Danse Macabre, the successor to Spookslot, visitors are treated to a special effect through a viewing hole on the construction hoarding. Peering through the hole reveals the familiar sight of the violin from the vanished ghostly attraction, brought to life in a mesmerizing video animation. Join us as we explore the significance of this symbolic violin and its role in the upcoming Danse Macabre.



The Haunting Violin from Spookslot: Between 1978 and 2022, visitors to the catacombs of Spookslot were enthralled by a haunting violin that accompanied the spectral dance in the main show. This fluorescent musical instrument now returns in the form of a captivating video animation. Its reappearance in the new attraction, Danse Macabre, promises to once again play a significant role, delighting guests with its mystical presence.


As the opening of Danse Macabre approaches, the violin appears in the viewing hole near the construction site, creating a special effect for eager onlookers. Accompanied by the familiar musical composition by Camille Saint-Saëns, the violin captivates viewers before disappearing with a bang and a flash. Expected to be completed in 2024, Danse Macabre is described as a "spectacular spookfest with dark twists." Once inside, visitors will be seated on choir benches that tilt and rotate. These benches are placed on a circular platform, 18 meters in diameter, which elevates three meters above the ground. As the music plays, the passengers will experience an enchanting dance-like sensation, enhancing the eerie atmosphere of the attraction.

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