Testing Themepark Food in The Netherlands

Published on 30 July 2023 at 12:37

When it comes to enjoying a day of thrills and excitement at a theme park in the Netherlands, indulging in delicious food should be a part of the experience. However, recent reviews of theme park cuisine have raised concerns about the quality of offerings at some popular attractions. A Dutch broadcaster tasted the food options in the five most popular theme parks in The Netherlands. In this article, we will tell you what they discovered.


Walibi Holland: A Culinary Letdown According to a scathing review by the renowned culinary vlogger Nick Toet, the food and drinks at Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen leave much to be desired. Toet's visit to the park, as part of the TV show Kassa by omroep BNNVARA, revealed some disappointments. While he found the coffee at the American Café in the Main Street enjoyable, most other food options fell flat. The lackluster fries at kiprestaurant Cock-a-Doodle-Doo left him likening them to tasteless cardboard, and the frozen pizza at restaurant Club W.A.B. had visible holes in it. Toet's verdict was clear: Walibi Holland's food offerings were "really, really bad."


Slagharen and Duinrell: A Mixed Culinary Bag Moving on to Slagharen, the park showed some improvement in comparison to Walibi Holland. However, there were still issues with certain items, such as "old apple pie" that failed to impress, lukewarm coffee, and a lack of crispiness in the kroket from the wall dispenser. On the bright side, the poffertjes, a traditional Dutch treat, received positive reviews from Toet.


Duinrell managed to fare a bit better in the food department. While some disappointments were encountered, such as the early closing of a much-anticipated La Place restaurant, the park redeemed itself with tasty offerings like a chocoladebanaan (chocolate banana), geglazuurde appel (glazed apple), kroket, and puntzak friet (fries in a cone).


Efteling and Toverland: The Culinary Gems Fortunately, not all theme parks disappoint in the food department. Efteling, a renowned and beloved park in the Netherlands, impressed Toet with its delectable fare. From perfect fries to delightful minidonuts, the park offers a variety of mouthwatering options. Additionally, La Place, a well-known restaurant brand, serves up delicious tomatensoep (tomato soup) and a refreshing salad that Toet found to be of high quality.


While Toverland may be considered pricey by some, its culinary offerings do not disappoint. Toet raved about the exceptionally tasty food available at this park, making it worth every penny.


Conclusion: When it comes to theme park food in the Netherlands, not all parks are created equal. While some, like Walibi Holland and Slagharen, have room for improvement, others such as Efteling and Toverland excel in delivering delightful culinary experiences. So, when you plan your next theme park adventure in the Netherlands, be sure to check out these culinary gems to enhance your overall experience. Remember, a day filled with thrills and delicious food is the recipe for an unforgettable time at any Dutch theme park.

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