Food at Efteling: Our favorite sweet snacks

Join us on a mouthwatering adventure as Sanne, the mastermind behind the popular food blog "@snackingaroundthecastles," and Joost from Dutch Themepark Network embark on a delectable quest to discover the top three sweet snack foods at the enchanting Efteling theme park. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds as Sanne and Joost traverse the enchanting pathways of Efteling, uncovering a plethora of sugary delights that will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. From traditional Dutch treats to innovative culinary creations, they leave no stone unturned in their quest to find the ultimate sweet indulgences.


Sanne, renowned for her expertise in the world of theme park snacks, brings her discerning palate and passion for gastronomy to the table. Her unique perspective and lively commentary make this taste test an unforgettable journey into the realm of sweets.Joost, an ardent theme park enthusiast and content creator, complements Sanne's expertise with his infectious enthusiasm and insatiable appetite for adventure. Together, they create a dynamic duo, offering viewers an immersive and entertaining experience that goes beyond mere taste testing.



Joost shares his top three:

3. Trollenbol available at "Het Witte Paard" near Dreamflight

2. Fanta Float available at "De Kombuis" near The Flying Dutchman

1. Hartenkoek available at "De Gebrande Boon" near Symbolica

Sanne also shares het top three:

3.  Chimney Cake available at "Nest" near The Flying Dutchman

2. Pastries from Krumel at "Bakkerij Krumel near Max and Moritz

1. Stroopwafel available at "Kogeloog" in the Fairytale Forest


As the duo samples each delectable treat, they share their impressions, from the delightful crunch of a freshly baked stroopwafel to the creamy decadence of an artisanal chimney cake. Their insightful commentary, peppered with humor and genuine excitement, provides viewers with a virtual taste experience that will leave them craving these snacks themselves.

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