Gluten-free food at Efteling

Embarking on an adventure at Efteling, a fantasy-themed amusement park in the Netherlands, is a delightful escapade for many. But for those navigating through dietary constraints, particularly a need for gluten-free (GF) options, the journey requires a thoughtful plan. Efteling provides an array of dining spots that cater to gluten-free needs, ensuring a seamless, worry-free experience for every visitor.

Exploring Gluten-Free Eateries

  1. Casa Caracol near the water ride Piranha

    • Enjoy a scrumptious serving of gluten-free nachos.
  2. De Gelaarsde Kat near the Fairytale Forest and Dreamflight

    • Opt for toasties as your gluten-free snack. Toasties are freely made with toppings of your choice.
  3. Eigenheymer (photo above) available at several food trucks scattered in the park

    • Indulge in a potato snack, available in three gluten-free flavors.
  4. Fabula near the entrance and the 4D movie Fabula

    • Choose from salads, fish meals, and chips. Noteworthy are the sweet potato fries (with GF mayo and ketchup), the Ocean salad, and the Ocean box. Gluten-free Popchips are also available.
  5. Backerij Krumel near Max and Moritz

    • Offers pizza, sandwiches, and brownies. Options include gluten-free buns (white or brown) with cheese and/or ham, salami pizza, and vegan pizza.
  6. Frau Bolte's Küche near Max and Moritz

    • Chips and hot snacks are available, with gluten-free items marked on the electronic ordering kiosk, including chips, frikandel, kroket, mayo, and ketchup.
  7. Smulpaap on the Anton Pieck square near Dreamflight

    • Serves chips and hot snacks.
  8. Station De Oost near Python

    • Offers chips and hot snacks.
  9. Het Witte Paard near Dreamflight

    • Go for the gluten-free brownies.
  10. Pinokkio's near the entrance in the theater

    • Offers pasta, carpaccio, and salad for gluten-free choices.
  11. Polles Keuken near Symbolica

    • Serves a gluten-free and lactose-free pancake. You have the liberty to choose a plain pancake with fruit or marshmallows on the side, and you can use the powdered sugar from the table and Van Gilse syrup. Some sources suggest that almost any filling can be used.
  12. Toko Pagode near Pagode

    • Choose from fried rice, white rice, sate, tikka masala, and more.
  13. Het Wapen Van Raveleijn

    • Entire dinner can be catered for gluten-free needs.

14. Sweet shop De Soete inval near the Steam Carrousel

    • At the sweet shop, the sweets are, fortunately, clearly marked. More information on this can be explored at De Soete inval near the steam carrousel.

All eating places should have an allergy card available upon request, ensuring you're aware of the items that cater to your dietary needs.


Should you prefer to have more control over your meals, two large supermarkets just outside the park might be your allies. To locate gluten-free items, look for:

  • "zonder gluten"
  • "gluten vrij"
  • "geschikt bij gluten intolerantie"

These links will help navigate the gluten-free options at and Jumbo. You can bring food and drinks into the park without a problem.


Navigating through Efteling with gluten-free requirements doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With multiple options available in and around the park, a day at Efteling can be a splendid, hassle-free experience for everyone, ensuring magical moments are captured without worrying about dining hitches. Remember to communicate your dietary needs clearly at every dining spot, ensuring safe and delightful dining throughout your stay at Efteling.


Note: This guide is crafted for informative purposes. Always cross-check and communicate with the food spots for the most recent and accurate gluten-free options.

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3 months ago

Thank you so much for the GF food list. I will be visiting Efteling with 200 friends on the American Coaster Enthusiasts trip. I have been to the park twice 2002 and 2014. One of my favorite parks in the world. I also really enjoy all of your videos