Vegan Food at Efteling

When you are looking for an easy lunch or dinner there are so many places to choose from and there are also a lot of vegan options. Here is a pick of our favorites with things we love to eat when we are in the park. All eating places should have an allergy card available upon request, ensuring you're aware of the items that cater to your dietary needs.


Efteling offers the following Vegan Options:

  •  The Jungleburger: a scrumptious grilled vegan soy-pepper burger embellished with kimshi, bell pepper, lettuce, and a tantalizing soy 5 spices sauce and a savannah box with rice and yellow curry korma, and a fresh jungle salad with pearl couscous and grilled vegetables at Restaurant Fabula’s Savannebar and Wereldkeuken.
  • Fresh fruit juices, salads, and smoothies are sold at various locales like Fabula, Het Witte Paard, Gulden Gaarde, In de Gelaarsde Kat, Panorama Selfservice, and Restaurant Fabula.
  •  The Vegan Eigenheymer: a fried potato snack available in 2 sizes and 3 flavors, purchasable at locations like Ton van de Ven Plein, opposite Station de Oost, and on the Max & Moritz Plein.
  • Infuse warmth into your adventure with a soy milk-based cappuccino and latte macchiato, available at De Gebrande Boon, Polles Keuken, and Rondje van de Molen.
  • A vegan sausage rolls available at multiple spots or satisfy larger appetites with a roll filled with vegan roockworst (smoked sausage) from the Vegetarian Butcher, accessible at all Unox stalls and location De Smaeckmaker.
  •  Fries with Vegan Sauces like mayonnaise at Smulpaap, the Hongerige Machinist in Station de Oost, and Frau Boltes Küche, know that the frying oil used throughout the park is 100% plant-based.
  • Explore meal salads and vegan pasta variants at Restaurants Panorama and Het Witte Paard.
  • A vegan curry at Toko Pagode.


Note: This guide is crafted for informative purposes. Always cross-check and communicate with the food spots for the most recent and accurate vegan options.


Do you know other vegan options or do you have experience with eating vegan in the Efteling? Leave a comment below!

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