Free Tapwater at Efteling

Picture this: you’re sauntering through the whimsical paths of Efteling, exploring enchanting realms and indulging in adventurous rides. The adrenaline, awe, and active exploration undoubtedly kindle a thirst that begs to be quenched. In many amusement parks, this would imply purchasing bottled water at every juncture. But not in Efteling! The park, renowned for its fairytale allure, extends its magic to offer visitors free, high-quality tap water at various points throughout.


You can refill your water bottle at the free drinking water tap points scattered across the park.

For example, in the queue of Symbolica or at De Ganzenhoedster on the Anton Pieck Plein (picture above article). Naturally, all the water from the taps in the restroom buildings is drinkable. Moreover, there are additional water tap points near the toilets at Kleine Boodschap, ’t Gemack, close to Fata Morgana, and at the new restroom building, De Laetste Hoop."


Efteling takes a thoughtful stride beyond mere amusement, ensuring that guests are hydrated and refreshed without the additional cost. This free tap water isn’t just a service; it's a symbol. It speaks to Efteling's commitment to guest comfort and its environmental consciousness by encouraging the use of refillable bottles, reducing the need for single-use plastics within the theme park.


As you plan your next adventure to Efteling, remember to bring along your refillable bottle.

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