🦇 Look Inside Danse Macabre 🦇 New Jobs and News about the 🛎️ Efteling Grand Hotel 🛎️

Published on 3 April 2024 at 17:12

In this month's edition of our Efteling news roundup, we're bringing you the latest and most exciting developments from one of the world's most enchanting theme parks.


From administrative changes to new attractions and sustainability initiatives, this update is packed with updates that Efteling enthusiasts won't want to miss. - New Leadership on the Horizon: The Efteling is on the lookout for a new director, someone with a keen eye for technological innovation. This search coincides with the quest for a new board member for the Stichting Natuurpark de Efteling. Find out more about these pivotal roles and what they could mean for the future of the park.

- Sprookjesbos Updates: Discover the latest enchantments within the Fairy Tale Forest, including the unveiling of Sleeping Beauty, the next chapters for Hansel and Gretel, and the return of the quaint clothesline in the gnome village.

- Train Troubles: Dive into the challenges and updates regarding the iconic Efteling Steam Train.

- Maintenance and Openings: From the grand opening of the Dream Flight suite to the ongoing renovations of classic rides like the Piranha and Joris en de Draak, we're covering all the bases.

- Generosity in Motion: Learn about Efteling's generous gesture of giving away 80,000 tickets through the Stichting Leergeld, and what this means for the community.

- Exciting New Additions: Get a sneak peek into the construction of the Danse Macabre, the latest updates on the Grand Hotel, and the initiation of the Island of the Five Senses project.

- Sustainability Step Forward: The Efteling introduces a €3 million solution to its energy challenges with the installation of two large batteries, ensuring a greener future for the park. Learn More Merchandise Magic: Check out the latest in Efteling memorabilia, including the 2024 annual pin, Dream Flight peep boxes, and stylish new designs in our shop.

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