Efteling NEWS: Bosrijk Eethuys ruined? Danse Macabre and Grand Hotel update and new merchandise

Published on 3 April 2024 at 17:15

Welcome to our special Efteling news update for March! Dive into the latest developments from the magical world of Efteling, where enchantment meets excitement. From controversial changes at Restaurant Bosrijk to the first glimpse of Efteling's newest inhabitant, and even the possibility of swimming in the Gondeletta pond, we've got all the latest news covered.

Join us as we share our personal Bosrijk experience, delve into Efteling's decision for extended opening hours, explore updates in the Fairytale Forest, and more. In this episode, we highlight: The debate surrounding the changes at Restaurant Bosrijk. Has Efteling ruined this beloved dining spot? We share our thoughts and experiences.

A sneak peek at the latest addition to Efteling's enchanting inhabitants. Efteling's extended opening hours starting from March 29, promising more magical moments for visitors.

A new show in the Fairytale Forest Theater featuring Benjamin and his friends in a heartwarming tale of friendship and celebration.

Updates on Efteling's ongoing maintenance projects, including the completion of the Vogel Rok area and exciting new developments in the realm of rides and attractions. The return of the iconic "Te land ter zee en in de lucht" event, adding a thrilling dimension to Efteling's entertainment offerings.

Rumors about Raveleijn's final season and the introduction of a new immersive show. A glimpse into the construction of the Danse Macabre and the grand hotel, including insights into the architectural design and digital impressions.

The release of a new photo book featuring Mother Goat, alongside new souvenirs available at Albert Heijn, showcasing the evolution of Efteling's merchandise. An update on the English Oberon announcement at the Dream Flight attraction and the discovery of exclusive construction photos of Fata Morgana. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our Patreon supporters for making these videos possible.

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