Everything you want to know about the Entrance of theme park Efteling

Published on 29 May 2023 at 21:36

Step into a world of enchantment and wonder as you approach the magnificent House of the Five Senses, the captivating entrance to Efteling, a magical theme park in the Netherlands. This iconic building, designed by Ton van de Ven, showcases remarkable architectural features and holds intriguing tales within its walls. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating details and stories surrounding this grand entrance, revealing its significance and the wonders it holds.


A Grand Entrance

As you approach the Efteling theme park, your eyes will be drawn to the awe-inspiring House of the Five Senses, constructed primarily with wood and thatch. This organic-shaped building, adorned with over 800 tree trunks and 4500 square feet of thatch, stands as a testament to craftsmanship and creativity. With 331 junctions between the wooden pillars, this architectural marvel reaches an impressive height of 43 meters or 141 feet.


A Visionary Design

Ton van de Ven, the mastermind behind the House of the Five Senses, envisioned an entrance that could accommodate future developments within the park. Originally planned as part of a larger project called the Uitrijk, which aimed to create a vibrant area with bars, restaurants, theaters, and shops akin to Disney Springs, the entrance building became the centerpiece of this concept. Ever-Evolving Plans: Although the Uitrijk plans were not fully realized, the House of the Five Senses stands as a testament to Efteling's ongoing creativity and innovation. The park's shelves are filled with numerous ideas that may come to fruition in the future, ensuring that the enchantment and surprises within Efteling continue to evolve and captivate visitors. A Rich History of Entrances: Efteling has seen various entrances throughout its history, and intriguingly, remnants of the old entrance gates can still be found within the park today. In Villa Volta, the original entrance gates are preserved, serving as a nostalgic reminder of the park's past. The House of the Five Senses, completed on September 25, 1995, and officially opened in 1996, now stands proudly as the park's main entrance.


Unveiling the Wonders Within

Behind the majestic roof of the House of the Five Senses lies a host of facilities and services for visitors. From offices and guest services to ticket machines and the "Efteldingen" merchandise shop, this entrance building serves as a hub for park operations and visitor support. The roof features large arches with gold-colored letters spelling out "Efteling," adding a touch of elegance and grandeur. A Magical Illumination: When the sun sets, the House of the Five Senses reveals its true enchantment. Illuminated from within, small white light points resembling sparkling lace edges emerge along the thatched roof's edges and peaks. These lights, connected by fiber-optic cables, create a magical spectacle, contrasting beautifully with the warm glow emanating from the beams and timber structure beneath the roof.


The Fairy Tale of the Five Senses

Accompanying the House of the Five Senses is a captivating fairy tale created by Efteling and adapted by writer Wim van der Oest. The tale follows five sons of an old king, each possessing a unique sense. As they grapple with uncertainty and fears of inheriting the throne, the kingdom falls into decline. Only the palace's roof, symbolizing their gifts, remains as a reminder of their potential. Pardoes, the park's mascot, plays a crucial role in this enchanting tale.

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