Why is the Efteling so cheap?

Published on 21 June 2023 at 18:07

Welcome to Dutch Theme Park Network, where we explore the exciting world of theme parks. Today, we delve into the Efteling, a Dutch theme park known for its affordable admission fees compared to other global counterparts. We'll explore why the Efteling maintains such low prices, its worth as a top-tier theme park, and the implications of this pricing strategy.


Affordability in Comparison: In a world where theme park prices are soaring, the Efteling stands out for its remarkably low admission fees. For just 42 to 48 euros or 46 to 52 dollars, visitors can enjoy a full day at this enchanting park. To put things into perspective, let's compare the Efteling's prices with other renowned theme parks worldwide.


When we consider one-day, one-park ticket prices, we find that the Efteling is surprisingly affordable:

  • Disneyland: $104
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: $109
  • Disney World: $178
  • Universal Orlando: $109
  • Portaventura: $52
  • And many more...

Efteling emerges as an incredibly cost-effective option, which raises the question: why does this world-class park offer such low prices?


The Efteling is not only affordable but also highly regarded among theme park enthusiasts. In our opinion, it ranks among the top three best theme parks globally, easily holding its own against Disney and Universal parks. Our sentiment is shared by others, as the Efteling has received numerous accolades over the years:

  • 1972: Pomme D'or (Golden Apple) for excellence in the leisure business
  • 1992: Applause Award by IAAPA for the best park in the world
  • 1997: TEA Award for outstanding achievement for Villa Volta
  • 2005: TEA Classic Award for the park as a whole
  • 2012: TEA Outstanding Achievement Award for Aquanuura
  • 2017: TEA Outstanding Achievement Award for Symbolica

Additionally, the Efteling has been consistently voted the Best Day Trip in the Netherlands by ANWB, reflecting the park's widespread appeal and popularity.


Visiting a theme park in the Netherlands is seen as a common experience accessible to all. Unlike in other parts of the world where a theme park visit may be considered a once-in-a-lifetime event, the Dutch prioritize affordable entertainment options. Consequently, the Efteling aims to provide an outstanding experience at a reasonable cost.


 One key factor enabling the Efteling to maintain its low prices is its unique ownership structure. The park is owned by a foundation with the goal of preserving the Efteling and promoting tourism. The absence of shareholders or profit-sharing entities ensures the park's financial stability and prevents it from falling into the hands of larger park groups or private equity funds.

The foundation's financial model allows the park to reinvest a significant portion of its profits. Each new ride is entirely funded by the previous years' earnings, eliminating the need for higher ticket prices.


 While the Efteling's affordability is a definite advantage, it also creates a few challenges. Firstly, visitors unfamiliar with the park may underestimate its quality due to the lower price point. This misconception overlooks the Efteling's exceptional standards and reputation.

Secondly, the Efteling's benchmark pricing restricts other theme parks in the region from increasing their own ticket prices. As a result, neighboring parks may struggle to match the Efteling's level of theming and investment. The competitive drive seen between Disney and Universal in the United States is lacking

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