Everything you want to know about Dance Macabre - The Successor to Efteling's Spookslot

Published on 12 August 2023 at 17:22

Opening at the end of 2024 is Danse Macabre, a new spooky attraction at Efteling that is replacing the old Spookslot. The Spookslot was demolished in 2022 and since that time an abbey is arising in its place. Efteling is releasing information about the spookslot bit by bit, letting us know details about the background story, the things form Spookslot that will be honored in this new attraction and we're introduced to new inhabitants of Efteling, the family Charlatan. In this article we will keep you up to date on everything we know and all that is rumored about this new attraction.


🎶 Danse Macabre - Unveiling Efteling's Haunting Marvel 🎶

You may have heard whispers of Danse Macabre - not just the eerie music echoing through Efteling's former attraction Spookslot, but also the name of the attraction set to succeed it. In the summer of 2023 we made a video telling you all about the former attraction spookslot and all that wat known then about Danse Macabre.

Since this time Efteling opened The Black Cat and the restrooms The Last Hope. We made a video on the day they opened. The also released two making off videos and a new Charlatan story in the park that gives us a lot of new information. Also the non official sources were not quiet. We recorded two reaction to videos about the new making off. The last showed us many new details of props and decor and made Jolanda decide for sure she did not want to find the kitty.

Early 2024 there was a big scoop of photo's that were unmistakably form inside Danse Macabre. Efteling was not pleased that thephoto's were published by an unknown source and we can understand this because the scaffolding was still in place. Still it offered an amazing peak inside and it made us even more excited about what is coming. 

Opening (we think and or hope) in October

Efteling is building a new masterpiece, although it is an Intermin prototype and at Toverland and Bellewaerde we saw that can cause some serious problems in the first months. Still we can't wait for the new attraction to open. Follow us here or on YouTube to hear the latest news.

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