Discover the New Amsterdam Area at Duinrell Theme Park

Published on 8 June 2023 at 14:47

Exciting news for visitors to Duinrell this year. The Wassenaar-based amusement park has unveiled a brand-new section inspired by Amsterdam. Over the past few months, Amsterdam-themed facades and lanterns have sprung up, creating a charming ambiance. Nestled behind these picturesque structures is the Arcade, a state-of-the-art game hall. In addition, some existing attractions have been relocated to new spots within the vicinity.


The Arcade opened its doors in early April, with several nearby attractions following suit shortly thereafter. The unveiling of the new attraction "De Oude Lijnbaan" (a vintage car track manufactured by the renowned German company, Metallbau Emmeln) will not take place until July. The new area, stretching from the arcade game hall to the trampolines, will undergo significant upgrades, completely immersing visitors in the charming atmosphere of Amsterdam's famous canals. The arcade game hall and the trampolines will be completely revitalized, while the Bumper Boats and PlayFountain will be relocated to new areas.


Inside the Arcade, visitors will find an array of entertainment options including arcade machines, air hockey tables, simulators, and pinball machines. According to Duinrell, the Arcade boasts a total of 81 gaming devices. Additionally, various classic vehicles, such as a vintage bus, a convertible, a motorcycle, and a police car, have found their place within this exciting game hall.


One notable change is the revamped Bumper Boats pond. The water playground, PlayFountain, previously located next to the Frog Wheel, has been relocated to the new Amsterdam area. Furthermore, the Trampolines will soon return to delight visitors. The unnamed Amsterdam-themed section is situated across from the expansive Playground.


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