De Meermin at Efteling undergoes renovation

Published on 9 June 2023 at 13:46
Source Eftelpedia

The Efteling, one of the Netherlands' most beloved and enchanting theme parks, is making significant investments in maintenance this year. As part of their ongoing commitment to providing exceptional experiences for visitors, the park has temporarily closed down its eatery, De Meermin, for an extensive renovation. This  dining spot, located in the Ruigrijk section of the park, typically offers a variety of delicious seafood dishes. However, as of the beginning of this week, the doors to De Meermin have been closed. Let's delve into the details of the refurbishment and discover what changes visitors can expect upon its reopening.


De Meermin first opened its doors in 1996, serving as a dedicated outlet for seafood specialties within the Efteling. However, the building itself dates back to 1989, boasting a unique architectural charm that has captured the imaginations of visitors for decades. Over the years, De Meermin has become a beloved fixture in the park, offering visitors a chance to savor mouthwatering fish dishes in a captivating atmosphere.


According to a spokesperson from the Efteling, several components of De Meermin are being upgraded as part of the renovation. The serving counter and refrigeration units are being replaced, ensuring improved functionality and efficiency. Additionally, the eatery is scheduled to undergo a thorough deep cleaning, which will undoubtedly enhance the overall cleanliness and hygiene standards. It's important to note that while the interior will be revamped, the iconic exterior design of De Meermin will remain intact


Duration and Impact on Visitors: The renovation works at De Meermin are expected to be completed by Friday, June 16. Until then, construction fences will surround the building, keeping eager park-goers at a distance. Although the closure may cause temporary disappointment for fans of De Meermin's delectable seafood delights, the improvements being made will undoubtedly enhance the overall dining experience once it reopens.


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