Efteling Roller Coaster Max & Moritz Still Not Heat-Resistant

Published on 11 June 2023 at 10:53

The Max & Moritz family roller coaster at Efteling is still not functioning flawlessly in high temperatures. Last year, it was discovered that the trains of the powered coaster couldn't be properly stopped at the correct position in the station during warm weather. As a result, multiple cars were frequently left empty to reduce the weight of the contraption.


The German ride manufacturer Mack Rides was called in to fix the issue. Apparently, they haven't succeeded, as in recent weeks, trains had to remain partially empty whenever the temperature rose again. In the meantime, Efteling has developed an information board to inform visitors about the problem. "Due to a technical issue, trains are currently not departing at full capacity," reads a multilingual flipboard. As a result, the coaster's capacity is lower than usual, leading to longer wait times.


This afternoon, when the temperature in Kaatsheuvel reached 31 degrees Celsius , the Max track had to be completely shut down. A board was also put up for that occasion. "Only one train is running today," explains the message. "You can't choose which train you're on." 


An Efteling spokesperson confirms that there are still complications when it gets hot. "Sometimes, a train overshoots a bit in the station," they told Looopings. "This doesn't pose any danger, but the restraints cannot be opened. If this issue occurs, we leave a few seats empty to see if the problem persists." Efteling will once again contact the supplier to find a permanent solution. "We don't rule out the possibility that Max and Moritz have something to do with this," joked the spokesperson, referring to the background story of two mischievous boys causing havoc in their village by playing pranks.



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