Fire Incident Temporarily Halts Horse Show Raveleijn at De Efteling

Published on 13 June 2023 at 12:50

De Efteling, one of the most popular theme parks in the Netherlands, has made the decision to suspend its horse show Raveleijn until further notice. This comes after a second fire broke out within two weeks in the set of the stunt performance. The blaze occurred in the dilapidated city gate situated in the middle of the arena, most likely due to a fire effect. As a result, a portion of the show installation has been damaged, affecting its overall functionality. De Efteling is now taking the necessary time to investigate the exact cause of the incidents and ensure the production's fire safety.


Yesterday, the fire broke out for the second time in less than two weeks in the decor of Raveleijn, leading to the suspension of the show. Following the initial fire, the performance was promptly resumed on the same day. However, this time, De Efteling has decided to conduct a more thorough investigation into the incident's exact cause and the production's overall fire safety measures. A spokesperson for De Efteling revealed that a part of the show installation has been damaged, resulting in certain elements no longer functioning as intended. The park management has yet to announce when visitors will be able to enjoy the show again, as they are currently assessing the situation for the upcoming days.

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