The Eerie Atmosphere Unveiled: New Toilet Building and Shop in Efteling's Huyverwoud

Published on 3 July 2023 at 12:17

Step into the hauntingly enchanting world of Efteling, where even the toilet facilities exude an eerie ambiance. This past weekend, the beloved theme park unveiled De Laetste Hoop, a new restroom area, and In den Swarte Kat, a grocery store, marking the first phase of the spooky Huyverwoud area. Prepare to be spooked as you explore both locations!


In both the restrooms and the shop, spine-chilling lighting and sound effects create an eerie atmosphere. A new and mysterious soundtrack has been composed specifically for this area, but occasionally, bone-chilling sounds from the vanished Haunted Castle can be heard. The soundscape from the round room in the former queue line was revived to achieve this haunting effect. The observant visitor will notice may winks and nudges to the old attraction Spookslot like the three judges.


De Laetste Hoop breaks away from the traditional division between male and female restrooms. It features individual cubicles accessible to everyone, along with a changing area, family toilets, and a separate urinal area. This marks the first time that Efteling has implemented a gender-neutral restroom concept

In den Swarte Kat: A Sinister Grocery Store: In den Swarte Kat, you'll find a wide array of packaged and fresh supermarket items. From salads and wraps to sweets, chips, chocolates, juices, soft drinks, hot beverages, umbrellas, tissues, and even sanitary products, this store caters to various needs. At a separate counter, you can enjoy kettle cakes and toasted sandwiches on rustic bread. Convenient self-scan checkouts are available for a seamless shopping experience.


The additions to Huyverwoud revolve around the Charlatan family and their enigmatic barrel organ named Esmeralda. The Charlatans already have their own show, building anticipation for the opening of Danse Macabre in 2024. The Huyverwoud area will further feature a graveyard, a food establishment called 't Koetshuys, and Dr. Charlatans Kwalycke Zaken, a souvenir shop.


Efteling continues to weave its spellbinding magic with the introduction of the De Laetste Hoop restroom and In den Swarte Kat grocery store in the eerie Huyverwoud area. With spine-chilling lighting, haunting sound effects, and an intriguing story surrounding the Charlatan family, these new additions promise a unique and immersive experience for visitors. As the park expands and embraces gender-neutral facilities, Efteling remains at the forefront of creating enchanting moments that leave an indelible mark on guests' memories. Embark on this mysterious journey through Huyverwoud and let the dark allure of Efteling's Danse Macabre unfold before your eyes.

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