Designer Jeroen Verheij spotted with Childbook writer Paul van Loon at Danse Macabre

Published on 10 August 2023 at 10:52

In a whimsical rendezvous that bridges the worlds of imagination and creativity, Efteling's visionary designer Jeroen Verheij welcomed acclaimed children's book author Paul van Loon to explore the captivating new area, Danse Macabre, on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.  This meeting imply  a sparked speculation about a potential literary venture inspired by the enchanting attraction.

Jeroen Verheij, known for his detailed storytelling designs that blend fantasy and reality, accompanied Paul van Loon as they wandered throughpPhase 1 of Danse Macabre. Both creators exchanged ideas and inspirations, sparking speculations that their meeting might result in a literary work inspired by the mystical attraction.

While both Verheij and van Loon have remained tight-lipped about any potential collaborations, we are eagerly waiting to see if this encounter between an imaginative designer and a prolific writer will result in a literary masterpiece that brings the magic of Danse Macabre to life in the pages of a children's book.


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