Inside Toverland's New Haunted House: A Journey Into Limburg's Mining History with "Now You're Mine

Published on 6 September 2023 at 17:13

If you're a fan of amusement parks and haunted attractions, you'll be thrilled to hear about the upcoming haunted house at Toverland, one of Europe's beloved amusement parks. According to insiders who spoke with Looopings, the new haunted house will be called "Now You're Mine," a name that cleverly alludes to its theme: Limburg's mining history. We've gathered some fascinating information on what visitors can expect from this spine-tingling adventure.

"Now You're Mine": A Story Grounded in Limburg's Mining History

When visitors purchase a ticket for "Now You're Mine," they'll be welcomed into the fictional Mijnbouwmuseum Sevenum. This museum will showcase a temporary exhibition centered around Mijndert Müller, a notable mining director who mysteriously disappeared. Müller was last seen searching for a special stone, known as the "Magnum Opus," in the dark corridors of the mine adjacent to the museum. The Magnum Opus is a stone with magical properties, said to grant eternal life to whoever possesses it.

A 20-Minute Adventure into the Abyss

Visitors will embark on an approximately 20-minute journey through the haunted house, delving into the mysteries surrounding the mining director and his quest for the fabled stone. The admission price will be 9 euro 50. The experience promises to be captivating, offering a unique blend of history, folklore, and horror. We expect Toverland to use the technology of the Haunted Lantern.  With this technique the light on your helmet can be controlled by beacons in the attraction. Toverland can decide what you can see and when. We've seen this technique before in German theme parks. Also Walibi Holland will introduce this technique from this year on. 

Halloween Nights at Toverland

Toverland has been hard at work for several months, constructing a massive warehouse behind their entrance area, Port Laguna, to house the new haunted attraction. Construction began in July, following rumors about the theme that emerged in April.

The park's spokesperson mentioned that more details about their Halloween Nights would be released soon. The Halloween season at Toverland will run from Saturday, October 7, through Sunday, November 5. During this period, the park will have 13 evening openings featuring haunted houses, scare zones, and actors to make your visit a truly frightening experience.

So, if you're looking for a chilling adventure that combines regional history with the thrills of a haunted house, keep an eye out for "Now You're Mine" at Toverland's upcoming Halloween Nights. Stay tuned for official confirmation and further details from the park, which are expected to be released in the near future.

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