Efteling Hotel Introduces Dream-Themed Room Based on Its Most Popular Attraction: "Droomvlucht"

Published on 6 September 2023 at 17:17

If you've ever visited Efteling, one of Europe's most enchanting amusement parks, you've likely been captivated by the magical ride "Droomvlucht" (Dreamflight). Starting in December 2023, visitors will have the opportunity to extend this ethereal experience by staying in a new themed room dedicated to the popular attraction at the Efteling Hotel.

A Glimpse Into the Dream World

Efteling unveiled a teaser video on social media that hints at the new addition. The caption reads, "Something magical is happening at the Efteling Hotel in December." In the video, a fairy from Droomvlucht is seen flying toward a "sky castle," where she encounters a sign that reads, "Access for trolls and fairies only." This new themed suite will replace an existing room in the Efteling Hotel. All themed rooms are located within the hotel's towers, which have recently undergone renovations. The hotel has a total of 24 tower rooms spread across six floors, 20 of which are currently designed as themed suites.

Not Just a Room, But an Experience

With the Droomvlucht-themed room, Efteling is promising more than just a place to sleep; it's offering a complete immersive experience. Guests will get to sleep enveloped in the dreamy atmosphere of one of the park's most beloved attractions. While exact details of the room's design and features are yet to be revealed, the teaser suggests an ethereal, fairy-tale experience—perfect for those who wish to keep the magic of Efteling alive even after the park closes.

Other Changes at the Efteling Hotel

This isn't the only transformation the Efteling Hotel has undergone; those familiar with the property may have noticed that the iconic orange dome roofs have recently been changed. While the new color hasn't been disclosed, it's clear that the hotel is committed to keeping guests engaged with fresh updates.


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