Walibi Holland Debunks Rumors About Goliath Coaster Closure with Humorous TikTok Response

Published on 6 September 2023 at 17:20

Amusement park fans recently had a rollercoaster of emotions after a TikTok video claimed that Walibi Holland would be "permanently closing" its iconic Goliath roller coaster. The video went viral, leading many to believe that the nearly 47-meter-tall coaster was nearing its end. However, Walibi Holland took to social media to set the record straight in their own inimitable way.

The Video That Started It All

The TikTok video, created by an account called Pretpark Nieuws (Amusement Park News), stated that the Goliath would close "because a new attraction is taking its place." The video further claimed that a "dark-ride coaster featuring Eddie the Clown" would replace the Goliath. As you might expect, this is pure fiction. The Goliath is here to stay, but the video led to a slew of shocked reactions from people who believed the coaster would be dismantled.

Walibi Holland Responds

Walibi Holland decided to play along with the hoax. The amusement park shared the misleading video on their official TikTok account, adding their own video reaction to it. In the response, Walibi representatives Marco Wensveen and Scott Bravenboer appear completely baffled by the false news. They use gestures to make it clear that the story has no basis in reality.

Despite Walibi's humorous clarification, some viewers continue to believe that the Goliath is on the chopping block. Their video comment section still harbors confused reactions, demonstrating the challenges of combatting misinformation, even when clarified by official sources.

Real Plans for the Future

Interestingly, while the Goliath is not going anywhere, Walibi Holland does have actual plans for a new roller coaster. Slated for opening in 2025, a double single-rail coaster is in the works, and it will be located next to the Goliath.

In an era where misinformation can spread like wildfire, Walibi Holland's proactive and light-hearted response serves as a lesson in effective public relations. While some confusion still exists, the majority of fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Goliath will continue to tower over the park for years to come. Keep an eye out for Walibi's true upcoming attraction—the double single-rail coaster—coming in 2025.

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