Raveleijn Horse show to Return to Efteling After Fire Incident

Published on 16 June 2023 at 10:00

Starting this weekend, the popular horse show, Raveleijn, will once again grace the park's stages. The show had been temporarily suspended since Monday due to a fire incident. However, it has been confirmed by an Efteling spokesperson that performances will resume on Saturday, albeit in an adapted format. While the exact details of the modified production are still unclear, it is expected that certain fire effects, which had caused previous issues, will be disabled. In the meantime, the park has arranged an alternative experience for guests during Raveleijn's absence.


On Sunday afternoon, a fire broke out for the second time within a short period in the show arena of Raveleijn. As a result, parts of the set were damaged, and a technical installation also suffered harm. These fire incidents necessitated the suspension of the horse show, ensuring the safety of both the performers and the audience. The park authorities promptly took action, assessing the situation and working to resolve the issues.


Efteling visitors eagerly awaited the resumption of Raveleijn, a popular show known for its thrilling equestrian performances. The park management has now confirmed that the show will return, albeit in an adapted form.  During the temporary suspension of Raveleijn, Efteling has arranged an alternative experience for guests. At the usual show times, a meet-and-greet event will take place at the park's entrance gate. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the beloved characters from Raveleijn, including the five riders, Countess Halina, and Count Olaf Grafhart. While it may not provide the same spectacle as the horse show, this alternative offers a chance for guests to engage with the enchanting world of Raveleijn.



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