Heat Forces Temporary Closure of Popular Roller Coaster at Walibi Holland

Published on 17 June 2023 at 10:53

Visitors to Walibi Holland theme park may have to adjust their plans on hot days, as they might be unable to experience the exhilarating ride of the Condor roller coaster. Due to the extreme heat, the coaster operates at a higher speed, making the ride uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for passengers. Walibi, in collaboration with the manufacturer, is actively seeking a solution to address this issue and ensure a more enjoyable experience for thrill-seekers.


Originally opening in 1994 as a prototype of a suspended looping coaster developed by the Dutch company Vekoma, the Condor introduced a unique design with trains hanging beneath the track. In 2021, the coaster underwent refurbishments with the hope of improving the ride experience. However, these updates proved to be ineffective, and the coaster still retains its notorious reputation for delivering rather painful rides.


Under high temperatures, the discomfort of riding the Condor is magnified. Initially, Walibi attempted to mitigate the issue by reducing the number of occupied seats, thus making the trains lighter. However, if this measure fails to alleviate the problem, the coaster is temporarily closed to the public. Over the past week, there have been multiple instances where the Condor remained closed for this reason.


Even this afternoon, the coaster is currently out of operation as the temperature in Biddinghuizen reaches 26 degrees Celsius. "We closely monitor the ride performance of all attractions," explains a Walibi spokesperson to Looopings. "If necessary, an attraction will be temporarily closed if the ride time is too fast."


Walibi Holland is actively investigating the possibility of finding a structural solution to address the heat-related issues with the Condor. The park's technical department is currently working in collaboration with the manufacturer to explore potential remedies. Until a resolution is found, the Condor will be halted whenever temperatures rise beyond a certain threshold. The heat is also causes problems the attraction Max and Moritz at Efteling.


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