Exciting Additions to Ruigrijk: Strong Steel Strength Show and DJ Dizzy

Published on 17 June 2023 at 11:02

As the warm summer breeze sweeps through theme park Efteling, every year an array of entertainment awaits visitors of all ages. Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands. This summer we welcome new entertainment as earlier mentioned in our news. The Efteling released more information about the new expected show next to Python. The Python stage in Ruigrijk promises, according to Efteling, a day filled with entertainment and excitement.


During the Summer Efteling, be sure to visit the brand-new Python stage located near Station de Oost. From lunchtime until closing, you can enjoy the captivating musical remixes of the attraction's music or participate in thrilling experiments. Check the Efteling app for the showtimes, ensuring you don't miss out on the action.


Take a seat on the terrace and indulge in the immersive atmosphere of Ruigrijk, accompanied by fresh remixes of the attraction's music. Alternatively, join in on the fun and collaborate with DJ Dizzy to create an entirely new Ruigrijk mix. During the Ruigrijk Warming Up sessions, prepare yourself for the next adrenaline-pumping roller coaster ride! DJ Dizzy will perform multiple times throughout the day, keeping the energy levels high.


In the Ruigrijk Strong Steel Strength Show, Roef and Spijk will teach you all about loops, G-forces, air pressure, and much more! Put on your safety goggles and brace yourself for the most daring tests and experiments. Ever wondered why you don't fall out of the Python when it goes upside down? Or why fire and water don't mix? And why does the Halve Maen make your stomach flutter? Participate in cool tests and challenge your fears in the "danger zone" right in front of the stage. Do you dare to take part? This interactive show is presented multiple times daily, ensuring everyone gets a chance to experience it.



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