't Poffertje Reopens at Efteling: A Culinary Delight Returns After Renovation

Published on 17 June 2023 at 11:12

Exciting news for food enthusiasts and Efteling visitors alike! The beloved restaurant 't Poffertje has reopened its doors after a period of extensive renovation. In our news of June we mentioned that the Efteling closed the restaurant to restore the facade and expand capacity.


With its recent renovation, 't Poffertje now boasts an atmosphere that effortlessly combines tradition with a fresh new look. Adding a new take out window so more people can enjoy the typically Dutch treat the restaurant's specialty—poffertjes. These delightful mini pancakes, served piping hot and adorned with powdered sugar and butter.


Although not making our top three of sweet snacks we're love the snack and we're glad the Efteling has restored this restaurants and made it beautiful again.



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