Cosplay Day Takes Moviepark Germany by Storm

Published on 21 June 2023 at 09:24

Moviepark Germany witnessed, for the second time, a colorful spectacle as on June 17, 2023, approximately 550 cosplayers transformed the streets into a massive runway, captivating the visitors of Movie Park with their spectacular costumes. These dedicated individuals meticulously recreated famous characters from the realms of film, cartoons, and gaming, aiming for authenticity and intricate details. Beyond the chance to encounter these stars of the cosplay scene up close, park guests were treated to a day filled with cinematic experiences. Alongside a grand parade featuring all the cosplayers, Movie Park hosted a special highlight: a Cosplay Contest judged by a panel of esteemed experts.

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"The Cosplay Day has become a summer highlight for us over the years," exclaimed Thorsten Backhaus, the managing director of Movie Park. "The overwhelming enthusiasm displayed by our guests and the participating performers, whose numbers reached an all-time high this year, reaffirms the event's success. As a film and amusement park, this event aligns perfectly with our vision, allowing us to immerse our guests further into the world of movies."


The term "cosplay" combines "costume" and "play." Cosplayers strive to portray beloved characters from films, manga, video games, cartoons, or series as faithfully as possible. Most often, these dedicated individuals create their own costumes, investing hundreds of hours in perfecting their cosplays.

Following the tradition of previous years, Movie Park Germany once again enlisted the support of prominent figures. Among the star-studded lineup was Maul Cosplay, one of Germany's most renowned cosplayers, along with the talented tattoo and body painting artist Carina Pusch, as well as hair and costume artist Kami Zero. Joining them were cosplayers Tingilya Cosplay and nimue (formerly known as FaerieBlossom).


The event kicked off promptly at 10:00 am with the park's opening, as all cosplayers gathered along the Hollywood Boulevard to provide an epic welcome to the guests, forming a majestic guard of honor. At 11:00 am, the action shifted to Studio 6, where a group photo was taken on the Stunt Set. The excitement then spilled over into the park itself, where visitors had the opportunity to encounter their favorite characters amidst the movie-inspired backdrops and capture memorable photographs. A perfect opportunity to admire the costumes one by one arose during the Cosplay Day Special Parade at 3:00 pm. The crowning moment of the day was the grand Cosplay Contest at 4:30 pm on the New York Plaza stage, hosted by the iconic Marilyn Monroe of both Movie Park and Hollywood fame. A panel of expert judges, consisting of star cosplayers, evaluated the best cosplays of the day and awarded special prizes.


It is important to note that only cosplayers authorized by Movie Park Germany were allowed to attend the Cosplay Day in costume.

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